I photographed Annaliese and her family back in December, but just realized with everything going on I never wrote a blog post about it… There was one on my Google+ page but since I’ve cleaned up the mess with my Google+, that post is gone 🙁

So today I will blog about both photoshoots with Annaliese and Nick’s family!

We’ve exchanged so many emails with Annaliese before the first session that by the time we actually met it felt like I’ve known her for a while! We met early morning at St. Kilda Botanical gardens to avoid the summer heat and to take advantage of a softer morning sun.

Here is the result:

photocrati gallery

Recently, we met again for another family session which, this time around, was at their home. This is a perfect option for families with little children – kids feel at comfort being around familiar things. Relaxed parents + relaxed kids = fantastic results. My sessions are always about the client being as true to themselves as possible. So if your bed in undone, we could find beauty in that too. Many years down the road sincere and genuine moments like that would be what would bring back the best memories.

Here are a few of my favourites from the most recent session:

photocrati gallery