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My approach to family photography is quite simple – I strive to capture raw emotions, unique personalities and genuine relationships – your true essence as it comes. I find extraordinary beauty in the most genuine and candid moments – the ones you will want to remember years down the road. I love photographing people of all ages. My sessions are always gentle and relaxed with very minimal posing. I encourage you to dispel external pressures and enjoy the session. Newborns and small children have an exquisiteness that is difficult to describe in words. Their delicate state of perfection, pure beauty and loveliness is something that every parent wants to hold onto forever. As a mother myself, I cannot think of a better way to capture this innocence than through the lens.

I’m familiar with the challenges involved with getting children to focus for an extended period of time, which is why I work around your little ones’ schedule, taking short breaks during the session if needed and making it a fun and relaxing experience for the whole family. I often find incorporating familiar objects like special blankets and playing little games works wonders to help kids feel comfortable in front of the camera. Shooting in your home is another way to achieve a stress-free environment.


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© Yana Klein | Family Photography Melbourne | Portrait Photography Melbourne

© Yana Klein | Family Photography Melbourne | Portrait Photography Melbourne