I’ve been asked a few times about watermarks and more specifically how to watermark your photos in a batch, especially if they are different orientation (landscape and portrait) and/or different size. Most of the time my photographs are of the same size, however, every once in a while, I crop something tighter or reframe my photograph, so the image dimensions slightly differ. This of course could cause the watermark to be slightly off depending on which method you use to apply the watermark.

I know many people prefer Photoshop where you can record an action and create scripts, but I personally prefer to use Lightroom for all of my my batch processing and catalog management, so it only made sense for me to use Lightroom to apply my watermarks.

First thing to do is to decide on the design of your watermark – it can be just plain text (you can select font type and size straight in Lightroom) or artwork graphics. I’ve done both, but prefer my logo graphics to be used as a watermark. So I created my logo in Photoshop and saved it either in JPG or PNG format (depending on the type of watermark) to be later used in Lightroom.

Then I open Edit Watermark from the Lightroom top menu and select an appropriate option – in my case Graphic:photocrati gallery

Next, in the Watermark Effects there are several options for you to choose from in order to align your watermark perfectly to fit all your images:

1. Opacity: in my case, since my logo graphics is saved with required opacity, my setting is 100

2. Size:

here you can select it to fit your image, or fill , or simply set it proportional to your image size, like in my case (40)

3. Inset:

this allows you to reposition your watermark horizontally or vertically in the photograph. In my case, I like my watermark to be a bit above the lower edge of the photograph, so my setting is 6 for vertical inset.

4. Anchor:

this is probably the most userful feature, that allows you to anchor your watermark to one of 9 anchor points. For example, my watermark is a semi transparent white horizontal strip with my logo graphics on the right hand side. So in this case, it makes sense for me to anchor to lower left.

There is a preview window on the right that allows you to view how the settings are applied. You can save this watermark preset and use it on export of your photographs every time.

And it works perfectly on images of different size and different orientation!

photocrati gallery