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When it comes to newborns, general recommendations are to schedule a newborn session in the first couple of weeks after birth and there could be various reasons for that.

First of all, this is the time when you are still in awe and are filled with genuine raw emotions about the new life you and your partner created. If you have other children, depending on their age, first week is likely the best to photograph them with their new sibling when the air is filled with curiosity and there is yet no place for jealousy.

Secondly, your baby is extra sleepy and still holds a natural curve (most of the time) which makes for adorable photos, allows both parents to feel a bit more relaxed and present in the moment rather than worrying about the crying baby.

Last but not least is probably the most obvious – newborn triple their birth weight by the age of 1 and learn so many new things – it is only natural to want to document them as soon as they enter this world, with their accidental smiles, involuntary limb movements and sweet grimaces.

While this is always preferable, I love photographing babies at any age. There is so much going on in that first year that there is always something special to document, be your baby 1 week, 1 month or 1 year old.

This photo is from a session with gorgeous Ellie and Albert who was only 7 days old during our session. I just love that curiosity filled shot with Ellie on the right – I am sure all of you new mums did that, but how many of you have it documented? Get in touch with me today to discuss your photography needs and let me document your story!


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