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Something amazing happened last Monday. I went to Photographer of the Future workshop with Jesh de Rox.

Ever since I heard about it I knew I had to go, however, there were no visible opportunities to do so. I wished and envisioned it. And things turned around.

I’ve attended a few workshops previously. This one was different. Yet it was exactly what I’ve been looking for. It was more than just about photography. It was so much about yourself, your outlook and philosophy on life and being just as much of a giver than just a receiver. The truth is, you can’t expect to be able to extract raw emotion from a client if you are unable to feel or share it yourself. And I am all for capturing genuine moments filled with raw emotion, so it was the perfect match for me.

There was no course outline or course notes. There were quite a few practical exercises that really reminded me somewhat of a team building event. Except here the focus was on yourself. It is through transformation of yourself that the opportunities arise to be more than just a button pusher.

I am really struggling to put all this into words, but it could be a life changing experience for those attending this workshop. The only reason it didn’t turn my life upside down is because I’ve been on this journey for the last couple of years.

Jesh’s philosophy resonates with me now more than ever. I was finally able to get a part of my old self back that I wasn’t sure was ever possible again. He showed us not only how to tap into your own emotions but how to use the vulnerability often thought of as weakness as a major strength and how it can transform your creativity.

I feel richer, happier, more content than ever, confident, strong and open. I am open to new experiences and new opportunities. I am thankful for this experience and grateful for every single person who shared this with me.



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