I thought I’d post a little something about post processing…

Nowadays, when every other person owns a dslr, some people owning a dslr consider themselves professional photographers… But there is a lot more to it than learning how to shoot in Manual. One of the things many people struggle with is post processing. Many photographers purchase actions for Photoshop or presets for Lightroom – there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. As long as you can bring your creative vision across… I also started with downloaded actions for Photoshop years ago when I was still learning. These days I’ve created quite a few of my own actions and use them regularly. I also quite often create custom ones for each shoot as I try to convey a specific feel from the session.

Having saved the actions and presets surely saves me some time but it is not all – there is still more to post processing than just clicking a preset/action play button. Files need to be backed up, images shot with different lighting might need some extra tweaking plus of course, no one will do the image selection for you…

Generally, I do 90% of my post processing in Lightroom – I just love the simplicity of use, synch function and batch processing. When very detailed local adjustments are needed I do them in Photoshop. I have to say it is important to develop a workflow that works for YOU. Lightroom is great this way – once I discovered it my life has never been the same.

Here are a couple of examples (Lightroom post processing only):

photocrati gallery

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