So i’ve been asked about my post processing technique, so I decided to go over one specific example:

photocrati gallery

This is the image straight from the camera: ISO 500, AF 1.8, 1/125

As I mentioned before I mostly use Lightroom, but there is nothing that you can do in Lightroom that can’t be done in Photoshop.

First things first – Camera raw in Photoshop is identical to the one in Lightroom and that’s where most of my magic happens…

I just go down the list of adjustments and from left to right in the Camera Raw tabs (it does not have to be done in this particular order, but this is how it works for me most of the time):

exposure – looks fine but i’d crack it up a bit to let’s say 0.5

contrast – same thing – up to about 30 –> this is because I know I will be desaturating the image and I need extra contrast

next highlights, shadows, whites and blacks – this is strictly your personal preference and taste but since it will be a bw image, i have opened up shadows to about +25, lowered my whites to about -25 and blacks to -35:

photocrati gallery

It’s a very subtle difference at this point, but you can always go back to basic adjustments and update them later.

Next, I change curve from linear to strong contrast.

Now, i desaturate the image and and apply split toning – again this is strictly personal preference and there is no wrong or right recipe…

photocrati gallery

At this point, I would go back to basic Camera Raw adjustments and adjust my sliders to my liking.

And here is the final image

photocrati gallery

and image processed in Photoshop (left) compared to the same post processing done in Lightroom (right):

photocrati gallery

Like I said before, there is no right or wrong recipe – everything depends on your imagination and creative vision.

Experiment, try different things!