Being a photographer, I tend to be overly picky when it comes to my own pictures. This is why it is extremely hard for me to hire someone to take pictures of myself or my family – not because I don’t trust them or their vision, but because I can think of a million things I would want to do differently or improve on in the way how I/we move/stand/sit/position our body parts, what we wear and so on. I just don’t want to come across as a control freak over the creative process… I have an utmost respect for it, I know how sensitive this process can be and how it feels when there is no trust in your vision or abilities. And I would definitely want to avoid projecting that feeling…

A few of the photos that I had taken of my family or myself, were taken by a few of my friends and fellow photographers, people who know me fairly well and don’t mind collaborating or sharing ideas and would sometimes even trust me to post-process my own images (yes, I am crazy like that, I love post-processing)!

So, since I didn’t have any of those friends around this time and I desperately needed some family/maternity photos taken, I’ve attempted our family session on the beach, however, my nearly 3 year old was just interested in getting into the water in his light blue linen pants, white shirt and a jacket. You see, we haven’t opened a swimming season yet, and he was just too excited about being on the beach… So needless to say, family session was a FAIL

So then I decided to attempt my own maternity shoot. And I am planning to add a few images of the 3 of us hopefully in the next week or two. But the experience on the beach had me rethink my original plans and ideas to accommodate my wiggle worm.

So here is my favourite image from my own maternity session:

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