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Alison + Darren

Have you ever spent a significant time of your life living abroad? or perhaps another city? and even if you haven’t, you must have moved flats or houses, right?! so you move and it just feels like a new chapter in your life, new adventure even, but what happens with your past? do you ever wish you had taken more photos, treasured your time living there more than you did or maybe you just want to share that part of your life with your grandma or parents or your children?

Well… that’s how Alison got in touch with me. Because she knows the value of such memories and she also knew that I could help her preserve that experience in photos for years to come.  And I couldn’t be more thrilled to do this type of work – moving big and far has just recently been a big part of my life, and I know perfectly well how quick the memory can fade away, and what can bring it back to life.

So here is Alison and Darren’s story:

Rach + Andrew

Rach + Andrew

Cheeky sneak peek from Rach + Andrews session the other day

Melbourne Couples Photography

My Story has been featured

Everyone is different. And everyone’s perception of reality if different. Yet photography is one universal language allowing us to communicate non-verbally but no less efficiently depicting the truth of the moment. That one little moment could be viewed as insignificant and one of so many leading to a bigger picture. And perhaps right this second you may think that there will be many others, so similar, yet so different. And over time things may change, or your perception will, and that one little thing could be something you so dearly hold on to and trying to remember. But the moment is long gone. This is where photography can help you relive these in between moments of your real every day life, so subtle and so ordinary, yet so valuable and one of a kind.

If you are still undecided or unsure that you need your life photographed, think about what matter to you today and what you will remember about your life tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. Think about all the words that can describe this to your children, or to your family overseas. It’s not as easy as it sounds and words can fail some of the most sophisticated writers, but would it make others see and feel what you saw and felt during those special moments?

One of the sessions I offer is for couples, whether newly in love or just celebrating their magical time together – we can document and emphasise the moments that mean the most to you, things that can get buried under the everyday routine, but that no less define your love for each other. Have a look through the story I created that got featured on Steller and get in touch with me today to book your session.

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