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Pro Photo Labs Review

Pro Photo Labs Review

Ever since I started my business I’ve been working with digitals 95% of the time. I still do. I love digital photography and I love giving my clients enough flexibility to print as they wish. But there is also SO MUCH value to seeing your photographs in print that I went on to find the Pro Photo Lab that suits  my vision and style. It’s not an easy task simply because you have to do a lot of research, order samples and ask a lot of questions. It can get overwhelming, tiring and expensive. But I want my clients to have the best, so here are a few labs I’ve had experience with that are worth mentioning.

Vision Art

I adore their books! I would only ever order books from them, despite the not so good exchange rate and that they are overseas. BUT recently when I had to order a beautiful boudoir book for my client, I was told that their policy is against publishing exposed breasts. I need to clarify that there was 1 (one) photo that was an issue and those photographs are a beautiful and tasteful collection of sensual images. But it turns out local purity laws prohibit Vision Art to publish certain type of images.
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When it comes to prices, they are quite reasonable and simple to understand. Shipping is also FREE. Yes, that’s right, free shipping even to Australia! Customer service has been nothing but great and their turnaround for hand made books is 2 weeks which is amazing!

The Edge Photo

I’ve only ever ordered prints from them, but they also have a range of other print products. Prints have always been spot on, turnaround is quick, software is easy to use and best thing for me is that their lab is in Melbourne, so you can go pick up your order or check out their samples in person.


To be completely honest, I’ve had little experience with Seldex, although they are also in Melbourne which is definitely quite convenient if you are local. It’s so easy to go to the showroom and check out samples in person, their selection of book covers is enormous and that is awesome, but it is also a little overwhelming. Their prices do not include GST so when you check out the price list, don’t forget to add 10%. Products looked beautiful, however, their turnaround time is 3-4 weeks which for me was a deal breaker. The price point for books is a little more expensive than Vision Art, but with the current exchange rate of 1:0.74 it’s almost at par. It’s also worth mentioning that Seldex has over 60 years of experience and work with some of the best Australian photographers!

Atkins Pro Photo Lab

Despite the fact that Atkins Pro Photo Lab has been working with prints since 1936, I’ve only learnt about them recently. They are also Australian company, 3rd generation family business and their customer service is what essentially won me over. It always felt that I was talking to real people and that my concerns matter. They happily printed my test prints for free and answered every one of my 1001 questions. Their turnaround is 2 weeks and prices are on par with Seldex, however the book paper currently available is semi gloss although there is a plan to add more paper options which I am excited about.
Here are a few things that came in the mail today:

Melbourne Family Photographer Melbourne Family Photographer Melbourne Family Photographer

Momento Pro

I’ve printed some of my stationary/cards at Momento Pro and recently purchased a beautiful box to fit my client’s 8×8 book. Their service has been great and I am very happy with the products I’ve received. Check out their range of books – I heard they are beautiful too!

There are a few others I’d love to check out in the very near future and will update you on my experience then :)

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