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Ode to friendship | Lifestyle Photographer Melbourne

Ode to friendship | Lifestyle Photographer Melbourne

This is a bit of a sad post…

When some of the seemingly strong relationships around you fall apart most times you still live with a glimmer of hope that things can be reversed, repaired or at least salvaged to the point where you don’t feel like complete strangers at least. The truth to be told, being vulnerable is uncomfortable, losing trust is hurtful and so it’s either a denial mode, or attack/defence mode. It reminds me of when you go out in the cold and naturally you tend to tense up, but it only feels colder. On the contrary, the minute you relax despite how uneasy it may seem at first, suddenly you find comfort in the situation and aren’t clenching your teeth anymore. In the words on one famous cartoon character “let it go… let it go…”

But I get it that it may seem impossible to do, especially for those like myself who like to fix things up immediately so it isn’t lingering over you. Recently I came across this article about navigating 5 levels of friendship and although it seemed obvious, perhaps the real issue is that you could just be on different levels. Some people aren’t capable or willing to go as deep as you and that disconnect causes some disappointment and misalignment…

Expectation is a root of all heartache

William Shakespeare

But where do you go from here? Do you mourn the past or do you celebrate all the good times you had together? Do you dwell on all the pain you had to endure or become empathetic of the other person struggling no less than you do? All I know that being an empath it’s even harder to witness this…

So this post is ode to the belief that true honest friendship still exists… somewhere out there…

The words of this song cover this well:

Maybe I’m foolish
Maybe I’m blind
Thinking I can see through this
And see what’s behind
Got no way to prove it
So maybe I’m blind
But I’m only human after all
I’m only human after all
Don’t put your blame on me

Take a look in the mirror
And what do you see
Do you see it clearer
Or are you deceived
In what you believe
‘Cause I’m only human after all
You’re only human after all
Don’t put the blame on me

Certainly there are plenty of things we can learn from our kids…




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