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Why providing feedback to your Melbourne photographer goes a long way

In a photography session there is always a lot of pressure put on the subjects to pose and smile just the right way to get the perfect photos. However, not enough emphasis is being put on the role of the photographer in the photography session.

Sure, we come up with the ideas and we execute them, but for all of the work that you see your Melbourne photographer putting in at the session, what you forget is all of the long hours we spend with your images after we’ve put our camera down.

We relive each moment with you. We smile and we cry as we edit; and when we send off your package, we often feel overwhelming sadness. As much as your photography session is important for you, it’s also equally as important to us to make sure that we’re making your experience and lasting memories the best we can.

What a Melbourne photographer like myself values the most is when we get feedback from our clients that we work so hard for! It really is one of the most important parts of our jobs and here is 4 reasons why providing feedback to your Melbourne photographer goes a long way:

1.It is more than just a job.

Being a Melbourne photographer for families I know many other fellow photographers who, without exception, will tell you that they get emotionally attached to their work. We don’t simply shoot and go home. We pour our heart and soul into each session. We relive every single emotion with the family. We laugh and cry. Each session is our little baby. Photography isn’t just our work – it’s our passion.

2. We strive to keep our customers happy.

Excellent customer service is a pivotal point of what we do. So, it is essential that we hear about your experience as it can help us make our service even better! Constructive criticism is always valued so is simply letting us know what we are doing right. And as always, referrals to your family and friends also looking for a Melbourne photographer is always appreciated!

3. We are artists.

Which means that no matter how good we are, how good we think or know we are, we have our moments of vulnerability and insecurity too! A few kind words our way can help us grow our wings and improve our ways. Your generous feedback is NOT to feed our egos, it is more so to let us know our efforts are appreciated and that you had as much fun at your session as we did!

4. Photography is a subjective art form.

There is no right or wrong (I am not talking about technical side of things) and different people may like different things about the same image, or they may not like the image all together. There are different styles, different post-processing methods, and different messages in the images. What may appeal to some could as well be a turn off to others. Hearing what YOU think about the end result of your images is important to us!


If you’ve just finished a session with me or had one a while back, take some time to leave a comment on my Facebook page or Google+ page! I value your feedback and would love to hear from you. As well, if you need a Melbourne photographer for your next photography session, or have a friend who is looking to make some lasting memories, get in touch with me and lets do it!

© Yana Klein

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