The longer I photograph, the more I am evolving. Not just as an observer trying to present a truthful and genuine glimpse into someone’s life, but as a an artist trying to portray a story, your family’s story. I don’t usually meet my clients before the session, unless they are my loyal customers coming back for more, so most of the time I have my own interpretation of those candid sincere moments I am witnessing. My goal is to portray it as close to reality, your reality, as possible, without knowing all the intricate details of your relationship with your partner, your children, your parents. It is not merely an ignorance or lack of interest on my part, it is quite the opposite. There is so much we can say with words, and even without words, so much can be said from the way someone moves,  talks, or fixes their hair. I omit seeing all that prior to the session  almost on purpose as I am also exploiting my sensitive side and genuine interest in you and your family. The feeling I get from meeting you is what translates into my work. Emotion is what drives my image selection process. I’d like to believe I am a messenger, just translating precious moment into something material that you will be able to  look back at years later and smile.

I am reevaluating my packages options as I go. I am considering changing the approach for some sessions, because it is often such a creative process, it is simply difficult to put yourself in a box and be guided by the limits. So I’d love to hear what you think. As my customer. As a person looking to hire a photographer. As a photographer himself. As a bystander passing by but willing to share the opinion. Would you prefer a session with a specific number of images provided, or a free ride, meaning a set fee, set amount of time and then all of the creative blurb that comes out of the session. It could be 20 images. It could be 200. It’d never be the same. But it would be more intimate. More genuine. More me. And may be more YOU.